Does Eero Need a Modem?

Wi-Fi is the need of every home these days. But a rapid and good internet connection is essential. The main reason for slow internet is the old technology-based routers. But Eero is a modern router that contains modern technology and the solution of slow internet. But to setup the Eero we have to know that Does Eero need a modem? This is a random question that comes to our mind when we set up an internet connection using Eero.

The answer to this random question is Yes, you need a modem to connect to the internet while using Eero.

Introduction to Eero

Eero is a mesh Wi-Fi system with multiple access points, delivering rapid and good coverage throughout your home within a single, unified network.

Eero is a modern router to provides you with fast internet in all the components of your home or office instead of traditional and old routers.

It is very easy to set up Eero you have to download the app from the Play Store or App Store and then you have to plug the router into the modem. And after you have to find the best location where you need to install the Eero devices to get high-quality signals.

Introduction to Modem

A modem operates as a network device, possessing the ability to modulate and demodulate analog carrier signals, commonly referred to as sine waves. This process involves encoding and decoding digital information, thereby enabling further processing.

The term “modem” is a blend of the words “modulator” and “demodulator.” It converts digital signals to analog signals through modulation and reverses the process by demodulating analog signals back to digital signals.

Connection Between Modem and Eero

Same as the other Wi-Fi systems, Eero necessitates a modem for an internet connection.
The modem initiates the initial connection to your ISP, and Eero oversees the distribution of Wi-Fi signals throughout your home.

So we got the main point that Eero will not replace the modem it will replace the router. Yes, we need the modem for Eero.

Affinity Between Modem and Eero

To ensure affinity with your specific modem model, it is advised to check the Eero website or contact their support. Confirming the compatibility of your modem with the system is crucial when contemplating Eero, as it is specifically designed to work seamlessly with the majority of cable and DSL modems.

Final Words

The climax is when we will replace the traditional router with Eero we will just replace the router. But we need the modem with Eero same as we set with the old router. But you have to confirm the compatibility of the modem with Eero. You can confirm this by contacting customer support or by checking the Eero website.


Q1: Is a separate modem required for Eero?

Eero doesn’t replace the modem it will replace the router. But you have to confirm whether the modem you have is compatible with Eero or not.

Q2: What is the maximum distance between Eero and the modem?

You have to keep the Eero and modem in close range. According to Eero, you have to keep the Eero and modem in 50 feet distance.

Q3: Is there a specific type of modem that I need to buy for Eero?

Eero is compatible with your modem as long as it meets the requirements of your ISP. Otherwise, you have to contact customer care or you have to check the website.

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