What is Eero Plus? A Complete Review

Eero mesh wifi system comes with various features that allow you flexibility in controlling your network. Have you heard about Eero Plus, and want to know what is Eero Plus?


Is Eero Plus worth it?

Eero Plus was also known as Eero Secure before rebranding.

Let’s find out everything about Eero Plus!

What is Eero Plus?

Eero Plus is a subscription from Eero to have more control over your Eero mesh wifi system. It provides some additional features like ad blocking, VPN, and more interesting features.

Eero Plus Features

Let’s have a look at its features!

Content Filters in Eero App
  • Parental Control: Content filters allow you to set age-based restrictions for any device connected to the Eero wifi network. Additionally, you can also block websites to be accessible.
  • Ad Blocking: With Eero Plus, you can block ads as well as trackers. This feature will improve your experience across the web.
  • VPN: Eero Plus provides an option of using a VPN across your whole wifi network. It uses encrypt.me to provide this service.
  • Advanced Security: With the advanced security option enabled, you can save yourself from phishing attacks and viruses.
  • Eero 1Password Manager: Using 1Password, you will have your own password manager without having to buy any other subscription.
  • Eero Internet Backup: If your wired connection is down then you can add a secondary internet source for your Eero. You can use a personal hotspot to keep your Eero wifi network running.
Internet Backup in Eero App

Apart from these useful features, Eero Plus also offers Malwarebytes antivirus, historical data usage stats, and DDNS. These features can be helpful if you want advanced security on your Eero wifi network.

Eero Plus subscription cost

Eero Plus subscription costs you $9.99/month or at a discounted rate it offers a $99.99/per year subscription.

If you ask me whether to go with a monthly or annual subscription, I would recommend getting a monthly subscription for a month. Then if you find Eero Plus to be useful for your daily needs, you can go for annual lately.

Is Eero Plus worth it?

With Eero Plus unpacked and its features understood. Now comes the ultimate question: is Eero Plus worth it?

Let’s find out!

Eero Plus subscription review

First of all, let’s note down the most useful features of Eero Plus. Some of the most important features of Eero Plus are

  1. Ad blocking
  2. Encrypt.me VPN
  3. Malwarebytes Antivirus
  4. 1Password manager
  5. Parental Control (that is a feature that should be free to use)

There are additional features provided by Eero Plus but an average user doesn’t find them useful.

Now, let’s see that we need these services in our daily lives. I find the ad blocking and VPN features of Eero Plus to be very useful.

Let’s assume that we need all of the above features of Eero Plus and see if it is worth spending $99.99/year.

Is Eero subscription worth it?

As I had mentioned key features of Eero Plus already now it is time to calculate the price of these features if you don’t have Eero Plus.

Prices of these features can vary but I will go with average cost. It is time to do the calculation. I’m doing this calculation based on an annual subscription.

(ad block + VPN) $40 + (Malwarebytes Antivirus) $80 + (1Password manager) $60 = $180

So we can say that Eero Plus is worth spending $99.99/year. However, the features provided by Eero Plus are limited as compared to dedicated subscriptions. But these features are good enough for an average user.

The ad-blocking feature of Eero Plus is what I really like. Because ad blocking works on a network level which is quite amazing.

What is Eero Secure?

Before October 2022, Eero subscription plans used to come in two packages. One was called Eero Secure and the other was Eero Secure Plus.

In 2022, Eero scrubbed its cheapest plan of $30 known as Eero Secure. And rebranded its subscription to only one plan of Eero Plus.

Final Thoughts

Eero Plus does have some worth if you consider its model of one subscription and many features in one place. I have shared everything you need to decide on whether to go with it or not.

I will recommend going for Eero Plus because it enhances your experience across the web and gives you more control over your wifi network.


Does Eero require a subscription?

No, your Eero mesh wifi system will work fine even without the Eero Plus subscription service.

Does Eero Plus slow down the network?

Yes, there is a possibility but that change will not affect overall performance. You can contact Eero support if you encounter a notable slow speed because of Eero Plus.

What is Eero wifi monthly cost?

There are no monthly costs associated with Eero mesh wifi but you can access more advanced features by subscribing to Eero Plus.

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