Can I Use Eero With ATT Fiber? What You Need To Know

Are you pondering on the compatibility of Eero with ATT fiber? The simple answer is YES, indeed, eero works effectively and smoothly with ATT Fiber. To set it up, you’ll have to set up an IP passthrough on your ATT Fiber router.

Let’s dive into details on how to achieve this successfully.

Setting up Eero with ATT Fiber

Ready to upgrade your home Wi-Fi with Eero and AT&T Fiber? Let’s walk you through the setup process in simple steps. You need to turn on IP passthrough on your ATT gateway to allow your Eero system to directly control your network.

Here are step-by-step instructions;

  1. Log into your AT&T router.
  2. Go to Firewall > IP Passthrough > Allocation Mode.
  3. Set Allocation Mode to Passthrough.
  4. Passthrough Mode to DHCPS-Fixed.
  5. Save changes.

Next, you have to choose the MAC Address for your router.

After completing these steps promptly, you need to turn off the routing ability of your ATT Fiber router. Here are the steps you need to follow

  • Navigate to Home Network > Wi-Fi > Advanced Options.
  • Now, turn off Wi-Fi for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wifi configurations.
  • Save Changes and that’s all.

How to Connect Eero to ATT Fiber

Ready to connect your Eero to AT&T Fiber? It’s easy!

  1. Double-check that your AT&T Fiber is active.
  2. Grab your main Eero and an Ethernet cable. Plug the cable into the Eero, then the other end into your AT&T modem.
  3. Download the Eero app on your phone. Follow the setup guide – it’s super simple!
  4. When it asks to connect your main Eero, plug it directly into your AT&T Fiber modem.
  5. Once set up, add more Eeros wirelessly for wider coverage. Remember, spacing them well keeps your signal strong.

And that’s it! Enjoy your powerful, seamless Wi-Fi powered by Eero and AT&T Fiber.

Final Thoughts

Having an Eero ATT fiber setup really gives your home network the boost it needs. By merging the expansive coverage of Eero’s mesh network with the lightning-fast speed of ATT’s fiber-optic internet, you’ll notice significantly better performance than with standard equipment.

By following these mentioned steps Eero is ready to work with ATT Fiber.


Does Eero work with ATT Fiber?

Yes, Eero is compatible with ATT Fiber. The integration between Eero’s mesh network system and ATT’s high-speed fiber-optic internet provides homeowners with a robust, far-reaching wifi system.

Is it difficult to connect Eero to ATT fiber?

Not at all! You only need to follow a few simple steps to integrate your Eero system with an ATT fiber internet connection. The clearest instructions are found in the Eero app setup wizard.

What benefits can I get from connecting Eero to ATT Fiber?

By combining Eero with ATT Fiber, you can take advantage of the extensive coverage provided by Eero’s mesh network system along with the ultra-fast speed of ATT’s fiber-optic internet. This results in a reliable wifi network with broad, consistent coverage, plus rapid speeds for streaming, gaming, and more.

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