Does Eero Work With Optimum Altice One?

Whether you’re a new Eero owner eager to mesh up your Optimum connection, or an Optimum subscriber yearning for the seamless coverage of Eero, the question on your mind remains: does Eero work with Optimum?

So, without any further due let’s find out!

Is Eero compatible with Optimum?

Yes, the Eero mesh wifi system is compatible with Optimum Altice. One more thing you must know is that you have to follow a thorough process to set up Optimum with an Eero mesh wifi system.

Setting up Optimum with Eero is different from the usual modem. Altice One doesn’t have bridge mode which causes Eero Optimum setup to create two wifi networks. We will fix this issue next while setting up Eero with Optimum.

Eero setup with Optimum

As mentioned earlier, the Altice One router from Optimum doesn’t have a bridge mode. So to set up the Eero mesh wifi system with Optimum, we have two options.

One way is to use an Altice One router and follow a bit complex process to set it up. The second option we have is to use any other Optimum compatible modem with Eero and set it up by following a simple process.

Setting up Eero with Optimum Altice One

Optimum support might be telling you that your Altice One is in bridge mode but in fact, you can never turn off wifi on your Altice One router. One more thing you must know is that you will be double-NATting if you want to use your Altice One router.

Double NAT will not allow you to open ports and will affect your network performance. If you are a casual internet user then you will have not much problem with double NAT. Otherwise, I will recommend using any other Optimum-compatible modem with Eero instead of Altice One.

Let’s see how we can set up Eero with Optimum Altice One!

Altice One LAN ports
  • Connect your Eero to Altice One using an ethernet cable. Connect one end of the ethernet cable to the LAN port on your Altice One (as you can see above in the image) and the other end to your gateway Eero.
  • Now you need to log in to using your credentials.
  • Next, you have to change IP in the LAN Setup settings. Change the IP address to so your Eero will be using this IP address and this will allow devices to connect to Eero instead of Altice One.
  • Now you have to make sure that the network name of Altice One is different from the Eero network. Change the Altice One network SSID if needed.
  • Next, go to Advanced Setting > Port Management. This will allow you to add Eero as a DMZ host which will enable Eero to function outside of the firewall.
  • Add the IP address of your gateway Eero and save the settings.
  • Power cycle your Altice One router by removing it from power and connecting it back again.
  • And that’s all your Eero is ready to be used with Altice One.

Setting up Eero with an Optimum-compatible modem

If you want to set Eero with Optimum without having to do double-natting then using an approved modem (by Optimum) is your way forward. So first of all let’s have a look at the list of modems that you can use instead of Optimum Altice One.

Here is the list of Optimum-approved modems that you can use with your Eero mesh wifi system

  • Motorola MB8611
  • ARRIS SURFboard S33
  • ARRIS SURFboard SB8200
  • Netgear CM1100

These are some of the widely used modems for Optimum. If you want to use any other modem then just make sure that the modem is using DOCSIS-certified and DOCSIS 3.1 modem is for all internet speeds.

Setting up Eero with an Optimum-approved modem is pretty simple, I’m giving you an overview of how you can set up Eero with any modem using some easy-to-follow steps.

  • Connect your modem to the internet using a coaxial cable wall outlet.
  • Next, connect your modem to power using its power adapter.
  • Now, connect Eero to your modem using an ethernet cable.
  • Install the Eero app and follow the in-app instructions to set up your Eero.
  • And that’s it you have successfully set up your Eero to work with an Optimum-approved modem.


When it comes to using Optimum with an Eero mesh wifi system, we can say that both are compatible with each other. But problems arise when we have to do double NAT if we are using an Altice One router.

I will not recommend you use Altice One with Eero if you want a smooth internet experience and perfect network performance.

You can drop a comment below if you are having any issues setting up Eero with Optimum, I will keep this article up-to-date.


Does Eero work with Optimum Fiber?

Yes, Eero is compatible to work with Optimum Fiber. You can call Optimum support to activate bridge mode on your Altice Fiber gateway.

Does Altice One have bridge mode?

No, Altice One doesn’t have a bridge mode. In other words, you can not turn off its routing ability.

Does Eero work with cable Internet?

Yes, Eero is compatible to work with cable internet.

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