Why is my Eero Blinking Yellow? Common Issues and Quick Resolutions

Eero provides a mesh wifi system that enhances your ability to maximize your network performance. You may find Eero blinking yellow sometimes, so what’s the reason behind Eero yellow light, and how to fix it?

That’s what I will cover in this article and share with you some quick fixes to Eero flashing yellow light.

Let’s dive into it!

Understanding Eero Flashing Yellow: An Overview

Before we get into troubleshooting this issue of Eero yellow light, you must understand the reason behind this issue. So you won’t get into this Eero flashing yellow light issue again.

Reasons behind Eero yellow light

There can be two reasons why your Eero is blinking yellow light.

  1. The first and most common reason behind Eero’s yellow light is that your Eero is not getting enough power. This means that either you are not using an Eero-compatible router or your Eero power adapter is not working properly.
  2. The second reason behind Eero’s yellow light is soft reset. When you are doing a soft reset, Eero flashes yellow for some seconds during the process.

These are the known reasons for Eero blinking yellow light. There is still a possibility that you might see your Eero blinking yellow but that’s very rare and it will be temporary.

But if you see your Eero blinking yellow continuously then the reason for that can be the USB power delivery controller in your Eero and again I would say that’s very unlikely.

Eero Blinking Yellow Light: How to Fix it?

As we had understood the two key reasons behind Eero’s yellow light. Now, it’s time to troubleshoot this Eero yellow light issue.

Eero not getting enough power

To confirm that your Eero is getting enough power, you must make sure that if you are using a secondary power adapter then its output voltage must match with the required Eero power adapter output.

Eero adapter’s output is generally divided into 4 tiers. Below is the table explaining the power output for Eero adapters.

Tier 1: Eero, Eero 6, Eero 6+, and Eero PoE 6

Required Power Output:
5.0V—3.0A, 15.0W

Tier 2: Eero Pro, Eero Pro 6, Eero Pro 6E, and tier 1

Required Power Output:

5.0V—3.0A, 15.0W
9.0V—3.0A, 27.0W

Tier 3: Eero Max 7 and tier 2

Required Power Output:

5.0V—3.0A, 15.0W
9.0V—3.0A, 27.0W
15.0V—3.0A, 45.0W

Tier 4: Eero PoE Gateway and tier 3

Required Power Output:

5.0V—3.0A, 15.0W
9.0V—3.0A, 27.0W
15.0V—3.0A, 45.0W
20.0V—5.0A, 100.0W
28.0V—5.0A, 140.0W

These are the required power outputs for Eero adapters. You must test your Eero by using the power adapter of another same-tier Eero device.

And make sure to test your power switch as well. Such that the Eero adapter is plugged in properly and your power switch is working fine.

Eero Blinking Yellow After Reset

During the process of soft reset, Eero blinks yellow after 7 seconds of pressing the reset button. Then it changes the LED light color to white and appears as green in your Eero app.

That’s a normal behaviour of Eero during soft reset and you don’t have to worry about it.

But the problem arises when it gets stuck on Eero blinking yellow light. So, to fix this it would be better to try doing a soft reset again on your Eero device.

If your Eero gets stuck again on the yellow light then you have to do a factory reset on your Eero device. And hard reset will fix this issue of the yellow light on Eero.

What Color Should Eero Light Be? Understanding the Norms

You might be wondering what’s the normal color of Eero light when you don’t have to worry about any connectivity issues.

The answer is quite simple LED light on your Eero is solid white when everything is fine on your mesh wifi system.


And that’s it, now you know what you have to do to avoid seeing a yellow light on your Eero. Make sure that your Eero is plugged in properly.

Your power switch is working fine and you are not using any incompatible power adapter with your Eero device.

That’s all you have to take care of, you must let me know in the comments what worked for you in fixing the Eero yellow light issue.

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